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The Spining Group is a full-service boutique advertising, promotions, marketing and branding company. The Spining Group aims to offer clients nimbler, more responsive, rubber-hits-the-road marketing solutions along with fresh perspectives on brand building and digital applications.


Damian Fulton

creative directordirector strategist

Damian cut his teeth in advertising playing with toys. In 1984, he arrived at Ogilvy & Mather advertising as an art director for Hot Wheels, He-Man and The Masters of the Universe, and the award-winning M.U.S.C.L.E. campaign. Eventually, he played his way to senior partner, gaining extensive experience on accounts such as American Express, Paramount Theme Parks and Home Video, and Las Vegas Hilton.

In 1990, Damian’s extensive kid-targeted experience earned him a position with Marvel Productions (yes, the Spider-Man people) as vice president of creative development. There, he developed children’s animation programming for television, as well as the 20th Century Fox theatrical short “The Diner.”  The lure of Ogilvy was too strong, however, and he eventually returned as a senior partner and creative director to work on a variety of accounts including Mattel Girls and Pre-School Toys, Post Kid Cereals, BP and Cisco.

Damian has been a member of the Directors Guild of America since 1988 and has driven spots for Pepsi, Universal Interactive and Mattel.  A native Californian and avid cartoonist, he enjoys illustrating books and creating comics for lifestyle magazines.

Currently, Damian helms Dreamhouse Productions, his own brand building juggernaut, where he creates award-winning digital and traditional advertising and online content for The Dollywood Company, Herschend Family Entertainment and occasionally loans his creative chops to shops around town like Mocean, House of Salt, Digital Domain, and Mind Over Eye.

At home, Damian holds the title of Entertainment Director of the Fulton household for his developing brands Ashley, Hayley, Soren and Grace.

Jae Hubbard

senior writer creative director

Jae Hubbard is a Los Angeles-based freelance creative director and copywriter for a spectrum brands. She’s created an image, a vocabulary and a voice for the likes of Nevada Tourism,, Mandalay Bay Hotels, Shark Reef Aquarium, Adventure Aquarium, American Express, Dollywood, Herschend Family Entertainment and Disney.

Previously within agencies like Ogilvy & Mather, JWT, The Fire Station and DJMC Las Vegas, Jae worked on everything from toys to wine, from healthcare to packaged foods, from business-to-business and exponential technologies to global literacy. Her clients included big names like Mattel, Jakks Pacific, Spinmaster, Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, POM Wonderful, Teleflora, Fiji Water, and smaller enterprises like Visian Eyes, Stanley River Wines and the XPRIZE Foundation.  

After fifteen years working on the “inside” Jae took a chance. She had a hunch that clients were aching for a simpler, more cost-effective way to get their message out there. She traded the glamor and the free Monday morning bagels of agency life for the nail-biting adventure that is freelance.  

Jae has enjoyed direct and collaborative relationships with all her clients resulting in thoughtful and successful campaigns for the past six years. Be it blue-sky brainstorming or rubber- meets-the-road scripts and headlines, Jae likes to build brands and businesses. And if it proves to her engineering family that a degree in English literature from University of California at Santa Barbara is actually worth something, all the better.

Oh, and she’s the mother of three: 17, 21 and 23. So, she’s got the wife/mom/baby/kid/teen/young adult/music/social media perspective down.





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